This site was created by concerned climbers, wanting to “fill the void” of information about the bans, and as an unofficial place where climbers can put forward stories and information.  Please contact us if you’re able to help contribute to this site.

This site is not affiliated with, or endorsed by the Victorian Climbing Club and is not an advocating body, or replacement voice for climbers.  Please join and support groups who are putting forward official responses on behalf of the climbing community.

At the same time we recognise that these groups need to work within certain boundaries, as negotiations are delicate and ongoing, and sometimes widely sharing the most current information is not possible.


Goshen Watts (Story here)
25 years of climbing in the Grampians.

Neil Monteith
Guidebook author and 25 years of climbing in the Grampians.

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SGC Editorial Independence

We cop quite a bit of criticism on this blog for not being “positive” enough about the current events. Apparently we are supposed to be following the rule of say nice things or say nothing at all. Sorry that is not going to happen. Don’t visit this site if you only want to read feel good puff pieces. We will always keep publishing documents, quotes and whatever we can get our hands on from a myriad of sources. We will continue to question relentlessly any decisions made that effects the rock climbing community.

We are fiercely independent of any climbing access organisation, club or government department so we can be an equal opportunity critic. We will not be shying away from acknowledgement of losses to the climbing community. We will publish the climbing history and context of banned climbing areas. We will not be burning the history books and pretending it didn’t happen. Hypocrisy has no place here. If someone puts themselves forward in the public eye as an expert then we expect that to be backed up by facts. Sometimes truth hurts and can be uncomfortable.

Talk about this with your friends and your enemies. If you have better information then let us know – we are happy to correct factual errors and do it regularly when better information is presented. Or even better publish your own! We have written over 40 articles on this subject so far this year. We really would prefer to be doing something else like climbing…

Assist efforts in restoring access to world renowned climbing areas in the Grampians National Park