This site was created by concerned climbers, wanting to “fill the void” of information about the bans, and as an unofficial place where climbers can put forward stories and information.  Please contact us if you’re able to help contribute to this site.

This site is not affiliated with, or endorsed by the Victorian Climbing Club OR the newly formed ACAV, and is not an advocating body, or replacement voice for climbers.  Please join and support these groups, who are putting forward official responses on behalf of the climbing community.

At the same time we recognise that these groups need to work within certain boundaries, as negotiations are delicate and ongoing, and sometimes widely sharing the most current information is not possible.


Goshen Watts (Story here)
25 years of climbing in the Grampians.

Neil Monteith
Guidebook author and 25 years of climbing in the Grampians.

Mike Tomkins
17 years climbing in the Grampians.

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