& Language Matters

We will use commonly accepted terms (including those in the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006) when describing cultural items and First Nations people. However, while we support using “culturally safe” language – what defines as culturally safe is evolving fast – such that place names like Arapiles are Melbourne are becoming forbidden!

We refer to First Nations people in accepted terms. The word Aboriginals is not generally accepted (it is a colonial term); but Aboriginal people is ok, and of course we will use ‘Traditional Owners’ sometimes.

The GGLMP states:

The reason for not using ‘Aboriginal’ in these phrases is to avoid the impression that First Nations culture is the same across all of Australia. Rather ‘Traditional Owner’ and ‘People of Gariwerd’ are used to emphasise the distinctive nature of the culture and heritage associated with Gariwerd.

Regarding place-names. ‘Save Grampians’ is for climbers. We will use names that reflect written guidebooks and commonly accepted terms used in everyday vernacular. Eg, We’ll use Grampians until Grampians Tourism and Grampians Peaks Trail are renamed to Gariwerd (1).

Did you know Taipan is called Gunigalg in Aboriginal language? The first climb in the guidebook even acknowledges this: Gunigalg Gully Connection, grade 8.

We have no problem with co-naming, or for indigenous names to be used when communicating with Aboriginal people, but we reject having our own culture of place banished by language creep.

Finally – we should note that CVAC have referred to Crag Stewards (CSV) as “Crag Volunteers” in it’s comms. We understand this is at the request of PV and some members of BGLC, who (it appears) have an issue with climbers using the term “Stewards”.

Common Acronyms that might help you navigate the GGLMP and the complex world of climbing Orgs and RAP’s.

SGC – Save Grampians Climbing. Maybe one-day “Save Gariwerd Climbing”?

Greater Gariwerd Landscape Management Plan
GGLMP – Greater Gariwerd Landscape Management Plan
BTRW – Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby
CV – Cultural Values (2)
CH – Cultural Heratige
NV – Natural Values
RNA – Remote and Natural Areas (3)
SPA – Special Protection Area
VEAs – Visitor Experience Area (specific tourist area)

Two types of SPAs have been identified for Gariwerd:
– Natural Values SPAs (Green)
– and Cultural SPAs (Brown)

Intangible Values: Aboriginal intangible heritage means any knowledge of or expression of Aboriginal tradition, other than Aboriginal cultural heritage and includes oral traditions, performing arts, stories, rituals, festivals, social practices, craft, visual arts and environmental and ecological knowledge, but does not include anything that is widely known to the public (P8 of the GGLMP)

Reference Area – Usually a scienific study area – NO access for members of the public.

Intact Country – Peace, quiet and serenity are a key aspect of being on intact Country, enabling visitors can experience the natural environment without artificial noise intrusion


AHA 2006 – Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 (Victoria)
ATSIHPA 1984 – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act 1984 (Federal Act)

RAP – Registered Aboriginal Party


PV – Park’s Victoria
DELWP – Department of Evironment, Land, Water & Planning
BGLC – Barengi Gadjin Land Council (Aboriginal Corporation) (200 members)
EMAC – Eastern Maar (Aboriginal Corporation)
GMTO – Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners (Aboriginal Corporation)

By Membership:
CQT’s – Climbing Queer & Trans (818).
ACAV – Australian Climbing Association Vic 358
CSV – Crag Stewards Victoria 41
WVCC Western Vic Climbing Club 32
GWRN – Gariwerd Wimmera Reconciliation Network 16
VCC – Victorian Climbing Club 15* (probably closer to 100)
NCC – Natimuk Climbing Club – 40
SCV – Sport Climbing Vic 78
CVAC – Climbing Victoria Advisory Council ??

ACAQ / ACANSW. Groups setup in their respective states to be the primary access organisation.


1) Official name changes might be coming faster than we think. Priority Name Changes to Indigenous names (from the GGLMP):

  • Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park (to Gariwerd National Park)
  • Black Range State Park (to Burrunj State Park)
  • Black Range Scenic Reserve (to Bunjil’s Scenic Reserve)
  • Red Rock Bushland Reserve (to Lil‐Lil Bushland Reserve)
  • Mount William Range (to Warranneyan Range)
  • Victoria Range (to Billawin Range)
  • Mount Difficult Range (to Gawa Range)
  • Mount Abrupt (to Mount Muddadjug)

2) Moreover, ‘cultural values’ is often used in preference to ‘cultural heritage values’. This is because, for Traditional Owners, cultural values can relate to both cultural and natural heritage (e.g. plant and animal
species) and because ‘heritage’ is a term that cannot necessarily be applied to all aspects of cultural places and practices
(P8 of the GGLMP)

3) Remote and Natural Areas RNA (Table 2.2, GGLMP P18)
Purpose: To protect remote and natural attributes and prevent new and incremental developments including the construction of vehicle tracks, walking tracks and new structures. Location: Victoria Range, Serra Range and Major Mitchell Plateau in Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park.

Assist efforts in restoring access to world renowned climbing areas in the Grampians National Park