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Dec 2021: Horsham Times on the final GGLMP – Incl comment from Kevin Lindorff

Dec 2021: ABC Article about the GGLMP, incl comment from Ashley Hendy.

Vertical Life Article – The Future of Climbing in Gariwerd (Jan 2021)

UK Climbing Article (Jan 2021)
Hundreds of sites are now off limits, including the world-famous Taipan Wall — referred to as the “Bell’s Beach of climbing” among enthusiasts — which is one of 126 areas where the level of access is yet to be assessed.
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Make no mistake – take meaningful rock-climbing out of Natimuk and you rip the heart out of one of the most culturally and artistically diverse regional towns in Australia. Ignore the significance of ancient sites that provide invaluable practical and spiritual insight and connections into our origins and you deny a nation of part of its soul.”
Why restricting Climbing in Gariwerd is short sighted. “Most of us have experienced moments in life of incredible beauty – when you leave the everyday behind and know exactly who you are and what matters. For me, this happens when I am rock climbing in a natural, wild landscape”


3AW Thursday 12/11/20

3AW Tori Dunn Interview

Assist efforts in restoring access to world renowned climbing areas in the Grampians National Park