Sign the Petition

There are TWO petitions doing the rounds at the moment

1) Online –
(Organised by the Grampians Access Working Group)
NB: If you consider donating to (when prompted), please note that it’s not the actual working group that receives the funds; it’s for promotion of the petition, which is fine, just be aware!

2) Paper Petition (completed)

Handwritten Petition to be presented to the Victorian Parliament – (min 200 Signatures Required). (Organsed my Mike Tomkins & in the name of Emma Kealy MP).

UPDATE: Over 500 signatures collected, and question submitted to Parliament 20/3/19.

While it’s easy to fill-in an online survey; a paper petition still holds far more weight (Only paper petitions are accepted in Parliament).

Members of the climbing community have been in contact with Emma Kealy, an MP from Horsham, who will submit a Petition on behalf of climbers to Parliament in the week starting 25th March. It’s a short window, but only 200 signatures are required. Once the paper petition has been submitted; we can continue to support, promote and sign the petition above.

Petition Text: To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria
Grampians Rock Climbing:
This petition of the rock climbing community draws to the attention of the house the need for clarifications and concessions regarding any potential controls and restrictions to rock climbing activities within the Grampians National Park. The petitioners therefore requests that the Legislative Assembly:

  1. Grant interim approval to rock climb responsibly within Special Protection Areas,
  2. Appropriately consult during the forthcoming Grampians Management Plan process to ensure that rock climbers can assist in protecting individual climbing sites where there is a specific cultural or environmental risk. This consultation should include representation by at least three nominated rock-climbing specialists. Report recommendations from these specialists must be assessed and incorporated into the Grampians Management Plan.
Please don’t print off… sign at your local climbing venue until Wed 17/3.

Assist efforts in restoring access to world renowned climbing areas in the Grampians National Park