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2022 Update

The GGLMP has been released… and these pages will be updated shortly!!

In brief, there’s 104 Officially permitted climbing areas (see the article below).

The previous info (2019-2021) is now on the archived Closed Areas page.

…more to come.

The original 8 –  Fines Apply

Updated Jan 2022

The 8 focus areas published by Parks Victoria in February 2019 are all located in the Victoria Range and are still banned. The only update we’re aware of is that Gondwanaland is mentioned in the GGLMP as a ‘Climbing area for review’, which could an acknowledgement they got the exact location of the crag confused with an existing art site.

We presume the areas are still signposted as banned.

The 8 signposted banned crags where fines apply are:

Gondwanaland (PV has probably mistaken this area with nearby Camp of Emus Foot crag – a known caged art site)
The Gallery
Millennium Caves
Billimina Area (this is an art site not an established climbing area)
Billywing Buttress
Cave of Man Hands
Little Hands Cave
Manja Area (this is an art site not an established climbing area)

There are rough maps of these banned areas here.

Arapiles Bans in Brief

  • Tiger Wall
  • The Plaque / Fang
  • Bard Buttress and the Bluffs.
  • Castle Crag
  • Declaration Crag (Taylors Rock)

More info on the Araps bans here:

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