Write a letter

Write a letter to your local Member of Parliament (MP)

If you’re local to Arapiles / Grampians:
Emma Kealy who is the national party member for Lowan (including Mt Arapiles and The Grampians).  emma.kealy@parliament.vic.gov.au (see link below for her own letter to the minister). Ms Kealy know about the situation, but the more support we can send, the better. 

You could also write to The Hon. Liliana D’Ambrosio, who is the Victorian Minister for Environment and PV’s boss:  lily.dambrosio@parliament.vic.gov.au (although, it should be noted that many of the letters sent to the Minister’s office are simply hand-balled to Parks Victoria).

If you’re from interstate, or overseas, email the Minister for Tourism Martin Pakula (martin.pakula@parliament.vic.gov.au ).

You can also Email Parks Victoria directly (or cc them): info@parks.vic.gov.au with some of the below info. Explain your passion for the Grampians, respect for the environment and cultural values. 

Talking Points:

  • You respect the protection of cultural heritage
  • The latest closures effectively prevent access to all of the best hard climbing in the Grampians.
  • Taipan Wall is a jewel in the crown of world climbing and people have traveled the world to climb there.
  • But that further blanket closures of areas, is not a fair or sensible solution as it prevents the access to legitimate recreational pursuits such as climbing that could otherwise be taking place without risk or harm being caused to cultural heritage.
  • That you understand that the latest closures are meant to be only a temporary solution, so you are requesting that PV make public a process that will lead to a permanent solution that will protect the cultural heritage without needlessly preventing climbing at Taipan, Bundaleer and all the other areas in the Grampians that are currently off limits.

Letter Templates:

The Victorian Climbing Club have a Template letter about the Taipan Wall / Bundaleer closures.

And, we’ve updated our Sample Letters / Text page, which has more samples of letters that could be written.

It might also be useful to forward a copy of the letter written by local MP Emma Kealy (Member of Lowan) to support your arguments (link below).

Contact Media outlets, especially if you have contacts.

Share and comment on social media, make sure you share your passion for the climbing areas lost, while retaining respect for cultural heritage.

Assist efforts in restoring access to world renowned climbing areas in the Grampians National Park