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Taipan, Spurt and Bundaleer – “Temporarily” Banned

  • Parks Victoria announce “temporary protection zone” around Australia’s best climbing areas
  • All access, including bush-walking is prohibited as of today
  • Climbing access organizations VCC & ACAV were given no advance notice of these bans
  • Gariwerd Wimmera Reconciliation Network has been consulting with PV & TOs about these site closures since at least June
  • Bans cannot be adjusted until after new management plan is announced (next year at earliest)
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Come In Spinner – Rock Climbing Roundtable 2.0

A lot people ask us if there has been any progress in the Grampians climbing ban situation or is it all just spin doctoring from PV? That is a hard question to answer with the incredible complexity of the issue, the many players and the seeming endless lust for power plays between all parties (climbers and non-climbers). What is certain is that closed crags remain closed whilst the climbing community continues to tear itself apart. The following article is small snippets of some of the recent goings on. Let’s start with the big one:

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