How Can I Help?

We need your help to overcome these bans!

Be a good representative of the climbing community.
Importantly, when out climbing, be a good spokesperson for climbers and please remain courteous and respectful to rangers and other park users.

Join & Support ACAV

This group (formed in 2019) is the largest and most active access group in Victoria focusing specifically on access issues, and now with over 1,500 members (and rising).

Join & Support the VCC & CliffCare

Write Letters to Gov’t / MP’s.

Spreading the word and letting the people who make the decisions know how much you care and respect the Grampians will go a long way towards helping us overcome these bans.  The link has more info; but let them know your passion for climbing and the Grampians.

Join / Support Local Residents Action

Many climbers have taken up permanent residence near the Grampians.  They live and work in the area, and contribute a significant amount of money to the local economy.   


Contact Media outlets, especially if you have contacts.

Share and comment on social media.


Assist efforts in restoring access to world renowned climbing areas in the Grampians National Park