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Last Person on the Planet

This is a guest post by Andreas Kupke, who in the last 8 years, has climbed in the Grampians more than anybody I know, and would be out there most weekends of the year (that is a lot of climbing).  He had a preference for mid-grade sport climbing (not like my tendency for more obscure Trad), so has a good handle on the climbing numbers, increasing or otherwise, over that time.

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GoatFest Townhall & ACAV Announcement

Tonight in Natimuk, at the annual ‘GoatFest’ is a town-hall style meeting following the short films. It will be an opportunity for climbers to ask questions of Cliffcare and the GAWG, and find out what has been going on behind the scenes regarding the Grampians climbing bans (and we don’t doubt that a lot as been happening behind the scenes).

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Question to Victorian Parliament

Supported by Emma Kealy MP, we have collected a handwritten petition of 557 signatures in under one week.

Emma Kealy MP has submitted our requests to Lily D’Ambrosio in Parliament on Wednesday 20th March via a formal question. The handwritten petition with 557 signatories will be submitted to the Victorian Legislative Assembly this coming week to give weight to our cause (petitions submitted to the parliament this way must be handwritten).

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