The Aus – Sling Their Hooks?

On the weekend there was a fairly positive article about the Grampians bans in Murdoch Press. The Australian (Free), and Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun (Subscription). The original headline (see the hardcopy below) is a shocker*, but the article itself is actually well researched and without any PV zingers.

For the impressive photo; Simon Carter was flown down at a moments notice by the Australian to get an original shot at Tiapan wall for the paper – which deemed the article too important to use just a stock image; an impressive feat to pull off, especially as much of central / Southern Victoria was being dumped with 30+ mm of rain.

NB: *The term “sling your hook” is polite way of telling someone to go away. They’ll do anything for a pun it seems, even if almost no-one has used it for a hundred years!

There is also a PDF of the full print article below.

Also, appearing in the paper a day or two later; another (but different) article in the Herald Sun:

And yet another in the Australian; 15th May 2019: