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An Escalating Conflict – Archeologists Anti Climber Bias?

Are archeologists actively campaigning to have climbing banned in the Grampians? This week we present evidence that that this could be the case. And these people are on the payroll of Parks Victoria. This is the first of several reports on this subject we will be publishing in the next few weeks. Let’s get started!

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Peaks Trail – Destruction By The Book

Parks Victoria clears vegetation the size of 7 MCG stadiums in the Grampians National Park. How do they get away with it? Look what we found! A submission document from Parks Victoria to the Federal Government’s Department of Environment and Energy about the environmental impact of the Grampians Peaks Trail. The document is dated 19/10/2017 and signed off by PV’s District Manager Gavan Mathieson (who has apparently subsequently “resigned” in mysterious circumstances). It contains detailed information about the scale of the environmental damage that will occur during the construction of the still unfinished Grampians Peaks Trail. You can read and see a bit more about the Peaks Trail in two of our previous article #notclimbers and Grampians Peaks Fail.

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Come In Spinner – Rock Climbing Roundtable 2.0

A lot people ask us if there has been any progress in the Grampians climbing ban situation or is it all just spin doctoring from PV? That is a hard question to answer with the incredible complexity of the issue, the many players and the seeming endless lust for power plays between all parties (climbers and non-climbers). What is certain is that closed crags remain closed whilst the climbing community continues to tear itself apart. The following article is small snippets of some of the recent goings on. Let’s start with the big one:

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Stapylton First Hand

This is the second in a two part series where we explore the Northern Grampians and see the effects of the world’s largest climbing bans. You can read the first part about the Hollow Mountain area here. This second part deals with the Stapylton Amphitheater side, where there are currently no Special Protection Area restrictions on rock climbing (apart from Kindergarten & far left end of Northern Walls). We were particularly interested to see how the inevitable increased usage of these areas was effecting the condition of the crags. When half the sport climbing and bouldering in the Grampians was shut by Parks Victoria in February this year, it has meant some of the open areas are probably now seeing double the traffic they saw 12 months ago. This can only end badly without a conscious effort from the climbing community and PV to install erosion busting infrastructure (rock steps, belay platforms, fenced off rehab areas etc). It’s not rocket science.

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