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Arapiles Protection Declaration Expires

  • Arapiles’ Brain Death Boulder (Dyurrite 1) Interim Protection Declaration expires without renewal
  • FOI docs reveal archeological work is never put out to tender
  • Castle Crag & Mitre Rock potentially on the chopping block

The following is a quick look at the timelines and discrepancies associated with the closure of the Dyurrite 1 site – known to climbers as the Brain Death Boulder at Arapiles.

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Legal Action in the Supreme Court (Plus Formal Complaints)

  • October 2020 sees climbers vs PV in court
  • VCC submits a formal complaint to Victorian Ombudsman’s Office
  • ACAV submits formal complaint to Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists
  • New FOI documents reveal dodgy archeological procurement from PV
  • Victorian Climbing Management Guidelines launched
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Taipan, Spurt and Bundaleer – “Temporarily” Banned

  • Parks Victoria announce “temporary protection zone” around Australia’s best climbing areas
  • All access, including bush-walking is prohibited as of today
  • Climbing access organizations VCC & ACAV were given no advance notice of these bans
  • Gariwerd Wimmera Reconciliation Network has been consulting with PV & TOs about these site closures since at least June
  • Bans cannot be adjusted until after new management plan is announced (next year at earliest)
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The Sandinista Scandal – White Lies from PV

Could Parks Victoria mistake natural white rock & bird poo for climbing chalk in their rush to ban climbing? Yes they could. What you are about to read is one of those big moments where the ineptitude of the PV’s assessment process of rock climbing areas is exposed for what it is. A flawed and amateur attempt to quite literally white-wash climbers in the worst possible light whilst shirking any responsibility. Think the “bolt in art” fiasco was bad? This is better.

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