Management Plan Submissions – You have until 24th January!

Act Now!

Parks Victoria has given the community 10 measly weeks to give them feedback on their diabolical plan to gut climbing in the Grampians – the deadline is Sunday 24 January 2021. Put that date in your calendar – don’t put this off. If you care about the future of rock climbing or bouldering in the Grampians (and Victoria) we really need you and your friends and family to go to the Engage Victoria website and leave your feedback. It can be done as a simple survey or send them an email – . You can agree or disagree with all or parts of their plan – the most important thing is they get lots of feedback from climbers. Need inspiration on what to write – or just want to sign-on to a group submission? Check out the links at the bottom this page. It’s simple and easy to do.

This is a once in a generation opportunity to help shape the future of climbing in Australia. Parks Victoria has openly admitted their draft plan for the Grampians is a test case for other areas – and land managers across the country are paying close attention to what happens in Victoria. Do you want to see compulsory climbing permits, new route bans and prohibitions on all bouldering spread to other areas? If not then please submit your feedback to Parks Victoria immediately! Tell your friends to do the same – today!

What is at stake? All bouldering and 78% of roped climbing is to be prohibited.

To get an idea of what this draft plan entails have a read of our two previous articles – Off The Charts and Management Plan Revealed.

Need some ideas on what to write for your submission?

Several individuals and organizations have published their submissions publicly. These are a great resource for those of you who need inspiration on how to write a submission. Your submission does not need to be multiple pages like these however! If you broadly agree with one of these examples you can simply write in your submission that you agree with that organizations submission.

Australian Climbing Association Victoria template – the ACAV has created a handy word document with several key points. Download it, remove the bits you don’t like, add your own 2c and email it to Engage Victoria! It’s simple and easy to to do. What are you waiting for?

Victorian Climbing Club submission – this is an excellent example of a well thought out submission that was drafted by Victoria’s oldest climbing club and covers every aspect of the draft plan. You can’t go wrong in using this document as inspiration for your submission.

Mike Rockwell has published a collaborative and impressive independent submission that he co-authored with several experienced Victorian climbers. The current draft of this document can be found here. He is inviting people to be co-signatures to this document – probably the easiest way to make a submission. If you like what you read and would like to have your name added to it as a supporter of this submission please let Mike know by this Saturday 23 January. He has over 80 people signed up already and we highly recommend this as the simplest way of having your voice heard.

Vertical Life has written an excellent overview article on the potential impacts of this draft plan. It is a great resource for source material for your submission. The Future of Climbing in Gariwerd.

The Victorian Climbing Management Guidelines is an interesting and worthwhile reference document for how the Victorian climbing community wants to manage rock climbing in the state. This was a collaborative document between VCC, ACAV and several other organizations that was published in September 2020. Parks Victoria has chosen to ignore this document in their draft management plan for the Grampians.

This Australian newspaper article gives a good overview of the issues at play. It is behind a paywall.

Please share this article and don’ t forget to check out the other 60+ articles on this blog for further background reading. Stay tuned for further updates…

One thought on “Management Plan Submissions – You have until 24th January!”

  1. Banning the majority of climbing routes in the Grampian’s will have a big impact on sports tourism and be detrimental to the growing climbing community. In a Country that is growing continuously larger, it would disadvantage future generations of climbers who would have access to this beautiful and (what should be) free for all sport.


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