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How did Parks Victoria come to throw climbers under the bus?

This is a guest post by Mike Rockell, a climbing lifer who left New Zealand and moved to Melbourne 4 years ago. His history with Victorian climbing goes back a lot earlier than that though, with his first trip to Arapiles in 1984. Mike is still climbing grade 26 at age 60. The Grampians, with it’s amazing rock and pre-historic beauty, have been his most recent climbing inspiration. Having seen significant climbing closures in New Zealand, Mike has now became part of the interim committee of the ACAV, following and working closely on the Grampians access issues.

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Guides Face PV’s Surprise Parole Conditions

1975. It was a big year. The Vietnam War ended, Sony introduced Betamax video, Muhammad Ali beat Joe Fraser, Microsoft was launched and Whitlam got dismissed and replaced by Fraser. It was also the year that rock climbers discovered Summer Day Valley in the Grampians.  For 44 years since it has been the core of climbing in the region, a place many people were first introduced to the sport by friends, clubs and guides. This climbing history has now literally been torn up as rangers removed PV signage about rock-climbing from the area over the weekend. This included informative panels explaining the history and benefits of climbing.

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Letter to Minister Lily D’Ambrosio

Dear Minister D’Ambrosio,

We write this public letter in reply to your response to David Limbrick’s question to parliament about the Grampians rock-climbing bans. It is plain to see from your response that you need to be better informed about the issues. After waiting five weeks for your reply it contained the same recycled “talking points” that Parks Victoria came up with in February 2019 (which we have from FOI requests).

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Commercial Clash and Cancellations

Grampians Festival Canned

It was not totally unexpected, but it sure was disappointing to read this week of the cancellation of the Grampians Bouldering Festival for 2019. This was one of the only outdoor festivals for Australian climbers, and was a great opportunity to demonstrate and educate the next generation of boulderers best practice environmental principles. The goodwill between PV and boulderers seems to have all but evaporated. In a heart felt editorial the team behind the two previously successful festivals explained the reasons why this years was not to be:

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