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Right of Reply – Answers from Parliament

Several weeks ago (March 24 – which seems like an eternity in this story) climbers submitted two petitions to Grampians district local and member of Victorian Parliament Emma Kealy. The paper petition of 557 signatures (as required by Victorian Parliament rules), plus the 19,400 online signatures (now 24,000 signatures) as part of the petition, had three key requests:

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Big Bad Bans – Meetings with PV

After the flurry of mainstream media activity earlier in the week, the latter half has been no less busy. The big news comes from a series of Melbourne meetings between Parks Victoria’s Simon Talbot, GAWG/CliffCare/VCC and the newly formed ACAV. This was the first sit down meetings since the unilateral climbing bans were announced 9 weeks ago. There are individual reports issued from the two climbing organizations and we will analyze some of the more scandalous claims below. But first, have a read of ACAV’s take on their first meeting here then digest CliffCare’s report here.

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Big News Day – Climbers in the Public Eye

It has been a huge 24 hours for Grampians climbing ban news with several mainstream media sources publishing stories in print, online, radio and even national TV. It certainly wasn’t all positive puff pieces for rock-climbing – but we did get a chance to air some of our views and attempt to refute some of the wilder claims made by Parks Victoria – including their continued insistence on the 10x growth figures that we have proved false on this blog previously. We have seen zero evidence of their claims of 80,000 climbers a year in the Grampians (a crazy 220 people a day!) and their entirely false claim of a 3x expansion of new routes in the Grampians since 2003 (that figure is more like 20%, not 300%).

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GoatFest Townhall & ACAV Announcement

Tonight in Natimuk, at the annual ‘GoatFest’ is a town-hall style meeting following the short films. It will be an opportunity for climbers to ask questions of Cliffcare and the GAWG, and find out what has been going on behind the scenes regarding the Grampians climbing bans (and we don’t doubt that a lot as been happening behind the scenes).

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Art Sites One Day, Quarry Sites the Next

Today marks another chapter from the Slowest Release of Information Award nominee Parks Victoria. We finally have an idea as to why some of the 8 focus areas were closed to climbing earlier this year. Up to now we have been second guessing the reasons – environmental, cultural? Oddly this information has not been released in any official way, but comes in the form of photo captions on Parks Victoria’s website about Grampians climbing. This page has been somewhat controversial in recent times with a “bolt in art” photo being falsely blamed on rock climbers. Read about that debacle here. After that photo was removed, and an apology issued, the photo has been replaced and new captions added.

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